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Delivery Management Software

20 – 25 percent of consumers are normally willing to pay higher for same-day deliveries. To close the gap between your business and customer satisfaction, you must not only change your operations but also integrate a delivery management software into your operations for more insights.

Investing in delivery software helps you reach and retain your clients by offering a superior experience. Additionally, it also helps you have an edge in the current competitive market. Finally, yet importantly, you’re able to improve productivity and efficiency.

Are you ready to completely change the way your business handles its operations? Here are the top features you need to look when in the market for a delivery management software:

Real-time Tracking

For your business to offer a top-notch service, clients must be able to track deliveries and enable alerts en route round the clock. An effective way of offering an incredible customer experience is by guaranteeing instant access to a driver’s location. With the real-time tracking feature, it’s possible to track your fleet instantly and gain access to records for all past orders.

Order Management

The centerpiece of an on-demand delivery solution is order management. It allows individuals to have effortless access to the interface whereby they can easily schedule both driver-picks as well as deliveries. Order management is a feature that helps track potential delays, keep an overview on orders and save time.

The major reason this feature is important is because it provides an end-to-end visibility of a delivery business.

Integrate Options

As on-demand economy gets more competitive, more and more companies are implementing a system that’s able to track and monitor bulk deliveries. Nevertheless, to enjoy access to more holistic products, businesses must take on modular approaches to improve their current system with other features they can need in future.

For instance, you can choose a software that features an API for integration with the systems you’re using currently.


An interactive analytics page enables you to view all historical data on customers, drivers, and orders in actionable graphics thus making it quite easier to forecast future delivery needs and identify peak hours. Analytics offer valuable insights into how orders in the future can be managed. You’ll also be able to gain great feedback that helps coordinate jobs with staff better.

Intuitive Driver App

Your drivers, as a workforce, are key components in the whole delivery process. The ability of your drivers to directly assign tasks on the go as well as track them real time are some vital elements you need to consider. Additionally, through the apps, drivers can enjoy access to all the information they need to carry out successful deliveries. Drivers can also upload images, get signature proofs, and add notes as part of their workflow.

Delivery management software is vital when it comes to building an effective delivery service system. It aids in real time tracking for orders, dispatch, as well as delivery. Optimizing routes to bring down delivery time and cost becomes a walk in the park. The above are the top five features your prospective delivery management software needs to have.

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